Sunday, May 3, 2015

After Trip Thoughts

Random thoughts:

When I was visiting Aya Sophia, it was really grand (much better the huge Topkapi Palace - big space, many buildings but all are insignificant).

It dawned on me that that in life, avoid doing too many insignificant things that have no or little impact. We just need to 1 or 2 great things in life


It is amazing that I am traveling in a big foreign country like in Turkey in 10 days (1 return international flight & 2 domestic flights) by planning remotely, where we booked flights/bus/accommodation/car rental from Singapore. All thanks to modern technology, and this is no possible 20 years ago. Who says that living in the past is better? I love modern advancement!!


It is a good trip with friends. Enjoyed myself thoroughly.
Everything has been smooth-sailing, the only small hiccup is the efficiency at the rental car company.

On the other hand, I had limited interactions with locals.
Just hoped that I had more opportunities to know the local culture and views of life.


While I was observing the sunset in Pamukkale,
I realised that Sunset is short,
that's why we appreciate it more.

Similarly, this applies to our short stay on this planet Earth.
Gotta be grateful and more appreciative.

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