Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 4 - Cappadocia

How often can you have a good breakfast with such a good view? =)

Taken at Aydinli Cave House Hotel (The best rated BB in Goreme)

One of the attractions 
(no one is staying at these caves now, it has became a touristy attraction)

Closeup View

There are still some locals staying in the cave house. =)
Since this is an UNESCO heritage site, the occupants are not allowed to make any changes to the cave house unless there is govt permits.

Local Cave House 
I am really happy to visit a cave house with people living in it.

It has proper amenities like electricity/TV etc.. pretty cool. =)

The proud owners of this cave house. 

They have lived here for generations, and quite similar to other countries, it is the older folks who are continuing to live in traditional housing. Their children are living in big cities and will visit them once a while.

A few centuries old Church in the cave.
Our guide brought us to a private church (no entrance fees, no other tourists)

Welfie Time!! =)
Love the experience of enjoying the place slowly without any other tourists.

This is supposedly the smurf village in Cappadocia

Interesting formation

Interesting formation

It's quite nice, reminded me of Petra in Jordan.

Beautiful landscape

Lastly, how can a trip be complete without going to pottery shop (owned a world famous potter, who looks like Einstein and you can't find anything about him after googling), and trying to sell you pottery at exorbitant prices (after steep discounting). Haha...

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